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Weekly Bible Study

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Bible Class at Edgewater

Deeply rooted in faith, Edgewater proclaims the love and forgiveness won by Christ's death and resurrection through outreach and service. We nurture Christian development through worship, education, and prayer that we would be a faithful community that serves one another and the world.

The Bible classes at Edgewater nurture Christian development by helping to deepen your faith through a more classroom-style dive into Scripture. We encourage everyone to get involved with this program!

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Use the button below to join the Zoom meeting for the class. The room will open 15 minutes prior to class starting (6:45p on Mondays). If you are joining not using the link, the meeting ID is 861 0121 3030 and the password is 'edgewater' - looking forward to diving into God's Word together!
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Every week on Monday at 7p, Pastor Josh leads a Bible Study that is open to anyone. At the present, the Bible Study takes place via Zoom to make it more accessible. If your life has you eating dinner, ducking out periodically to put kids to bed, or unable to make it to a central location on a week night - this Bible Study is perfect for you. In addition, here are some details about how the class will be conducted.

  • A priority for this Bible study is accessibility. Josh isn't expecting you to come in knowing everything - that's what the class is for!
  • You will never be put on the spot - any participation with the entire class will be entirely voluntary.
  • This class will not just be Josh lecturing for an hour. There will be some of that, there will be some breakout room discussions, there will be some big group dialogue, and there will even be time built in for personal reflection. The teaching style and strategy will vary to help everyone get what they need out of their time.
  • There is always time for questions - even if they're unrelated to the Bible study! Each class will begin with a few minutes for questions, and if you would like to ask your question anonymously - that's what the form on this page is for!
  • Finally, this class will NOT be recorded. You will be free to ask questions and engage with the difficult material without any fear of there being a recording of it.

In case you haven't noticed, this Bible class is designed for everyone - not just typical Bible class people. We look forward to seeing you there and growing in faith together!

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