Mission and Values | Edgewater Lutheran Church

Mission and Values

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Mission Statement

Why do we exist?

Deeply rooted in faith, Edgewater proclaims the love and forgiveness won by Christ's death and resurrection through outreach and service. We nurture Christian development through worship, education, and prayer that we would be a faithful community that serves one another and the world.

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Vision Statement

What do we strive to be?

Edgewater strives to connect people to Jesus Christ and to a faithful community of disciples that glorifies God through service to our community as it has need.

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Values Statement

Why do we do what we do?

At Edgewater, we are driven by our beliefs that . . .

  1. All people have fallen short of God's glory and Jesus Christ came as the sole way to redeem all people.
  2. God is glorified as His people seek to faithfully do His will.
  3. Our faith is a personal and active part of daily life.
  4. Our relationship with God shapes our families and communities.
  5. God has given each person unique gifts for use in ministry.
  6. The Lutheran Confessions are a true and accurate exposition of Holy Scripture.
  7. God’s grace, mercy, and providence enables us to responsibly take risks.