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Community Groups

Groups at Edgewater

What is a community group?

A community group is a gathering of 8 to 10 people that come together once a week to spend some time in God's Word as it applies to their daily lives. Once a month, these groups spend time "hanging out" instead of the typical discussion group to help to build genuine, holistic community.

Why does Edgewater invest in community groups?

Edgewater strives to nurture Christian development through worship, education, and prayer so that we would be a faithful community that serves one another and the world. These groups help us to learn more about our faith in a realistically applicable way and gives each person a place to come for prayer and support when they face struggles in life. Community groups help members to deepen their roots in faith and help Edgewater to best support one another as the family of Christ.

How do I get involved?

New groups are formed regularly, so you don't have to worry about stepping into a group where everyone else is already tightly connected. Fill out the form on this page and Pastor will help get you connected with a group soon!

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