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August 04, 2022 Joshua LeBorious

Unlikely Tools

Unlikely Tools

Acts 8-9

In these chapters, we read about the beginning of Paul’s ministry. That’s not a typo. Saul, the man in this story, is a persecutor of the church. He hunts down Christians to put them in prison or execute them. God steps into his life and confronts him in Acts 9:4-6. God confronts him, calling Saul out on his sinful behavior. Then God offers him forgiveness, healing, and redemption. Ananias, a Christian, is called to be the person who brings these gifts to Saul. His response is one of caution and fear, he says in Acts 9:13-14 that he has heard about what Saul has done and is concerned for what Saul will do. God responds by saying this in Acts 9:15, “go, for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel.” Saul eventually becomes Paul and champions the Gospel all over the ancient world; in fact, he is the author of most of the books of the New Testament. God can, and frequently does, use really unlikely people to do His work in the world. It’s something worth keeping in mind when we think of ourselves or others as not worthy of doing the work of the Gospel.

Today’s B.I.B.L.E. Takeaways:

Blessings from God

God shows incredible grace to Saul, even lifting him up as a notable servant of the Gospel.

Instructions for Us

Acts 8:20-21 warns us to have our hearts in the right place before God.

Biblical Connections

The account of Acts 9 tells the story of the beginning of Paul’s ministry, a ministry that is the subject of much of the New Testament.

Laborious Understandings

Nothing in these verses strikes me as particularly difficult to deal with.

Enjoyable Passages

Acts 9:15 is an incredible statement of mission.

Topics to Pray About:

  • Thank God for using whoever He needs to use to get the job done
  • Confess to God the times when you allow fear or self-doubt hinder your witness
  • Ask for God bless you with the bravery to speak about Christ with the people around you

In His Service,

J. LeBorious