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July 28, 2022 Joshua LeBorious

Love and Serve

Love and Serve

John 12-13

John 13 records two powerful lessons that Jesus teaches in His last days before the crucifixion. First, He washes the feet of His disciples and explains why in John 13:14-15. He was trying to set an example for them. Don’t take it too literally though. Jesus washed their feet because that was one of the most degrading tasks for one of the lowest servants, it typically signified submission and low status. He didn’t mean for His disciples to become a foot washing club, He meant for them to be willing to serve each other even in ways that were “beneath them.” Then, later in the evening, He teaches them a more straightforward lesson when He says in John 13:34-35 to “love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” As Christians, we are called to serve and to love one another.  We are called to serve with humility and love sacrificially. Our thoughts and our actions should be consumed by our desire to serve and love our brothers and sisters in Christ. And that’s a lot, but my dad used to make a great point on the first day of mission trips while I was growing up. He would ask this, “if everyone is just looking out for themselves, how many people do you have looking after you?” The answer, of course, was one. Then he would ask “if everyone is looking out for everyone else, how many people do you have looking after you?” And the answer was, well, more than one – the specifics depending on the size of the group that year.

Today’s B.I.B.L.E. Takeaways:

Blessings from God

Jesus serves and loves us with perfect humility and sacrifice.

Instructions for Us

In John 13:12-17, Jesus instructs us to serve on another with humility.

Biblical Connections

In these verses, we see the final lessons of Jesus as He prepares to go to the cross and some references to prophecies that point to Him. (John 12:15 and Zechariah 9:9, John 12:38-40 and Isaiah 53:1)

Laborious Understandings

Nothing in these verses strikes me as particularly difficult to deal with.

Enjoyable Passages

My favorite verse from these chapters is probably Jesus’ prayer in John 12:28, simply “Father, glorify your name.”

Topics to Pray About:

  • Thank God for loving and serving us
  • Confess to God the times you think yourself too good to serve and too busy to love
  • Ask for God to glorify His name

In His Service,

J. LeBorious